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Ross Director of Media Relations Named President of Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society

June 6, 2012 Rare Air: The Ross Blog Leave a comment

The Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society Announces New Leadership Team and Advisory Board PHILADELPHIA, June 1, 2012 –The Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society (PBPRS) has announced its new leadership team, who will serve a two-year term starting June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2014. The new President, Darisha K. Miller, is the Director of Media [...]

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NBA Retirees: Generating Income after the Buzzer

March 2, 2012 Rare Air: The Ross Blog 2 Comments

Amare Stoudemire works at Foot Locker during lockout

Talking Retirement Preparedness with Intern Kyle Chrupcala   With the recent news of Allen Iverson’s financial woes, more concern revolves around the plans upon retiring for NBA basketball players. According to Sports Illustrated, “60 percent of former NBA players are broke after five years of retirement.” Life doesn’t end at forty or fifty years old, [...]

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Our Super Bowl Commercial Pick

February 6, 2012 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner 1 Comment

It’s good to see that finally someone appreciates our president. -WRMIV “It’s Halftime in America”

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Councilman Johnson Brings Innovative Thinking to City Council

January 24, 2012 Rare Air: The Ross Blog Leave a comment

Two months ago, our CEO wrote a post titled “Will New Council Members Bring New Thinking?” Today, freshman Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has provided an answer in his Daily News Opinion Letter . City Council President Darrell Clarke appointed Johnson as the Chair of the Transportation Committee, and he has taken off ever since. Johnson discusses [...]

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The “Black Philadelphia” That I Know

January 5, 2012 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner Leave a comment

As a lifelong African-American resident of Philadelphia I, too, am concerned about violence, but I have never once felt under siege in any of the communities I have lived in by the lawless elements perceived in Signe Wilkinson’s “Occupying Black Philadelphia” cartoon (pictured below). I know that some areas are worse than others in terms [...]

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December 13, 2011 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner 2 Comments


On October 31, 2011 I had my left knee replaced. As of today, 12/13/11, I am still in recovery. This is a slow and often painful process. Given my already challenging health condition, with numerous other maladies, I have had more time than I want to reflect on my life and the lives of those [...]

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Share Your Holiday Cheer!

November 30, 2011 Rare Air: The Ross Blog Leave a comment


As we enter the holiday season, a sense of humility and sharing is renewed in our hearts. Share your stories with us on how you have given back, or plan to give back, during the holidays and beyond. Celebrate the season of giving!

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We Thank You!

November 23, 2011 Rare Air: The Ross Blog Leave a comment


When we think of the things we are thankful for here at Ross, you are the first thing that comes to mind. We are grateful the our clients, potential clients and the supporters of Ross Associates. Whether you have spread the word of our services to others, been a long-time client or hired us for [...]

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Will New Council Members Bring New Thinking?

November 16, 2011 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner Leave a comment

City Hall

With 27 percent of Philadelphia below the poverty level and nearly forty percent in the African-American community, who will emerge as the leader in city council for economic development in order to decrease this poverty rate? With new city council members, council president and a second-term mayor with no pressures of re-election, how will the [...]

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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce: Sad Story or Greatest PR Tactic Ever?

October 31, 2011 Rare Air: The Ross Blog Leave a comment


“Kim Kardashian” and “divorce” are words coupled together and plastered all over blogs, websites, tabloids and television. After a meek 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from locked out New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. The two-night television special raked in 10.5 million viewers and the wedding cost over $10 million. [...]

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