In Search of Innovative Leadership

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In January 2009, my first staff meeting of the year, I introduced D.I.E: Discipline, Innovation and Education. I urged my staff to embrace the acronym; if we discipline ourselves to find innovative ways of doing the work we do by increasing our knowledge, innovation would be the salvation of our organization, without which, our company would die.

One year later, in January 2010, I was watching “Meet the Press.” Alan Greenspan said that the only salvation for the disastrous economic conditions that the American economy faces is through innovation, the same thing I said one year earlier. Little did I know, my declaration in our staff meeting was a declaration for our nation as well. Our way of life is dramatically changing. It is clear that there will be no great recovery from this recession. What is inevitable at this point is that we are in a period of great economical change, which will affect our lives in extreme and dramatic ways.

It is common knowledge today that the middle class is vanishing; and the pathways that we used to take to enter the middle class are now nonexistent. In Philadelphia, for instance, we have a 25 percent poverty rate, which is the highest among any major city in the country, a declining public school system and a double-digit unemployment rate, certainly in the African-American community. With the conditions that I just outlined, it’s no surprise Philadelphia has a rising crime rate.

This section of the blog will be my public discourse; a narrative entitled “In Search of Innovative Leadership.” The challenge: Can we as a people, a city, a nation, find the resolve necessary to stem the tide of our economic and social decline that we find ourselves in?

I will be challenging everyone to embrace my acronym; D.I.E: Discipline, Innovation and Education, which I believe is the key to our future survival.

Join me in this social commentary; I look forward to your comments.

William R. Miller, IV
Founder/ CEO of Ross Associates, Inc.

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