Let’s March

September 27, 2011 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner 4 Comments


First and foremost, let me say that I unequivocally support President Obama’s re-election.

However, as an African-American business owner in a city that has the highest poverty rate of any large city in the United States (27%), I take issue with his comment to the Black Caucus this past weekend, “stop complaining.”

As I  watch city, state and federal contracts and development projects being given without any significant minority (black) participation at all, it is not a complaint but a scream for help that the president should be hearing. This condition will result in the continued decline of viable African American businesses, which will ensure the increase in the 27% poverty rate.

I have no problem marching with the president, as long as he is marching with me to end this economic genocide that we as a people are engulfed in.

-William R. Miller, IV



  1. Charlene C. says:

    I concurr 150%. The income disparities between Black and Caucasian families is more than an 83% difference, according to the U.S. Dept of Labor. We are too comfortable and we need to let our president know he will not get our vote without a promissory note.

    • Thanks for responding. Those disparity numbers are also getting larger. I completely support the president’s re-election; but his campaign has to address our issues, a campaign for our survival.
      -Bill Miller

  2. Jim Davis says:

    I concur with your position but I also agree with President Obama. We have to stop complaining and even screaming…and we have to start doing something. Put a plan in place that he can support hopefully in some way. I notice you mention city and state in your comments, neither of which can we lay at the feet of President Obama. For those who decide that screaming will help resolve our plight than their voices will be heard loudest by our Mayor who will probably put on ear plugs.

  3. Mr. William, great post!

    As much as we want to say the President is not doing enough … we must do our part as entrepreneurs. He needs us united, dedicated and committed to winning for self and the country now more than ever. The Tea Party/GOP/America has been disrespecting him since day one and some of us have not done our share.

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