December 13, 2011 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner 2 Comments


On October 31, 2011 I had my left knee replaced. As of today, 12/13/11, I am still in recovery. This is a slow and often painful process. Given my already challenging health condition, with numerous other maladies, I have had more time than I want to reflect on my life and the lives of those that I love and truly care about. It is 12:35AM need I tell you, given the preceding statement, that sleep has been very elusive. However, I must say that the pain that I feel now has nothing to do with my knee. It’s in my head, as I think about the conditions that we find ourselves in this country today. The pain is in my heart as I see people suffering in conditions that promise to become much more dire. I watch people go on day to day aimlessly, without purpose and without any understanding that the game has dramatically changed, and we have taken no preparatory survival classes.

I have been confronted with my mortality; maybe for the first time in my life I don’t have the immediate answer, I don’t have the plan. I find myself surrounded by uncertainty. There is one thing that I feel in my very core, I MUST CHANGE. My challenge or my quest as it may be is to define and embrace that change. I must articulate that change in a way that it will manifest itself in behavioral shift through which I will find my inner peace.


William R Miller IV



  1. TC Dimples says:

    Wow, I literally came to tears as I read your testimony. Your prophetic words come from a higher place and power and you were meant to disclose the information to the world. Mr. Miller, I am saying that you keep it real and 100% at all times. Continue to play your position. I wish others did the same. I, too will play my position, Thanks to role models like you!!!

  2. Marcus Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts Mr. Miller. I can embrace your concern for those of us who have not found our purpose, our potential and our power. One of my mentors said to me recently that he was trying his darndest to exhaust himself to death. He stated that when he leaves this earth, he wants to make sure that he gives everything back that God gave him.

    I wish to leave this earth in the same manner. I don’t want to take anything with me…

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