The “Black Philadelphia” That I Know

January 5, 2012 Bill I Am: The CEO’s Corner Leave a comment

As a lifelong African-American resident of Philadelphia I, too, am concerned about violence, but I have never once felt under siege in any of the communities I have lived in by the lawless elements perceived in Signe Wilkinson’s “Occupying Black Philadelphia” cartoon (pictured below). I know that some areas are worse than others in terms of crime, and I know that random shootings and murders are out of control. But to create a cartoon with intent to graphically display that the entire black Philadelphia community is under siege is not only inaccurate, but also unfair and irresponsible. My understanding of the Occupy Movement, started on Wall Street, was a movement to bring greater awareness of the economic disparities in this country; in which I agree. Therefore, to draw a comparison between this movement with the behavior of isolated groups of thugs and depict this as “Black Philadelphia” is outrageously offensive and an insult to the African-American community, of which the majority are hard-working and law-abiding citizens. That’s the Black Philadelphia that I know.

-William R. Miller, IV

Cartoon: Signe Wilkinson



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