Kim Kardashian’s Divorce: Sad Story or Greatest PR Tactic Ever?

October 31, 2011 Rare Air: The Ross Blog Leave a comment


“Kim Kardashian” and “divorce” are words coupled together and plastered all over blogs, websites, tabloids and television. After a meek 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from locked out New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. The two-night television special raked in 10.5 million viewers and the wedding cost over $10 million. Now, millions of viewers and dollars later, the couple is calling it quits. Hmmm…

This could be a sad end to a love story, or a strategically crafted public relations/publicity tactic. We have Kris Humphries, a victim of the NBA lockout with miniscule relevance off of the court and Kim with no husband or child, compared to her sisters. The Kardashians knew that Kim’s “Fairytale Wedding” would rake in millions of dollars, viewers, bigger endorsement deals, a potential spinoff show and countless opportunities.

This is what you call maintaining relevance in an irrelevant climate. Any publicity is regarded as good publicity, especially when it comes to this family. With Rob Kardashian competing on “Dancing with the Stars”, Kourtney’s controversial relationship and life as a mom and Khloe recently celebrating her two-year anniversary with husband Lamar Odom, where does Kim fit in? If there isn’t relevancy in your brand, you must create it.

And that’s just what the Kardashian camp did. The wedding captured millions in sponsorships and endorsements. The extravagant event covered newspapers, television screens and magazine covers nationwide (dare we say, worldwide!). The wedding took over the social media scene as “Kim K’s wedding” was a Twitter trending topic globally. This covered three components of public relations: branding, media relations and social media.

So, while others may be saddened by the split, we’re quite proud of Kim Kardashian for pulling off one of the best publicity tactics we have seen in a long time! Although she has taken the meaning of marriage to another level, she has given us a PR refresher course that all PR pros can appreciate. Kudos, Kim!

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